Visas and security: Ottawa updates its travel advice for India

THE Government of Canada updated his Travel advice forIndia.

The ” Entry and exit regulations » now reports the suspension of visa services, while the tab “ Security » mentions in particular “ Calls for demonstrations “.

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Suspension of visa services

We reported last week that on September 21, India suspended Indian visa services to Canada until further notice.

The suspension came as relations between the two countries deteriorated amid allegations that India was involved in the killing of a Sikh activist in British Columbia in June.

Under the tab “ Entry and exit regulations » about his advice for travelers to India, Global Affairs Canada invites Canadians to visit the website BLS Indian Visa Application Center to find out the latest news. Remember: BLS is the agency that processes India visa applications, including entry, tourist, student and work visas. The center has offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

Calls for demonstrations

“In connection with recent events in Canada and India, calls for protests and negative feelings towards Canada have been expressed on social media. We invite you to remain vigilant and exercise caution,” warns Global Affairs Canada under the heading “ Security » his advice for travelers to India.

Air Canada makes itinerary changes easier

Air Canada, for its part, says it understands that its customers may wish to make other travel arrangements due to the suspension of Indian visa processing.

Therefore, on September 21, the company announced the introduction of a policy that allows its customers to make changes to their itinerary voluntarily and free of charge if:

  • You purchased an Air Canada ticket on or before September 21, 2023 for travel scheduled through October 15, 2023.
  • Your itinerary includes a flight from any stopover in Canada with India as the final destination.

“If your trip is planned during the covered period, you can do this Retrieve your reservation a one-time, free rebooking of your flight up to two hours before departure. Please note that any fare differences apply,” explains Air Canada.

If the ticket was purchased from Air Canada vacationCustomers are asked to communicate directly with the latter.

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