“French-Indian cooperation in space will be further strengthened,” estimates Mathieu Weiss (Cnes)

The new factory. – How would you characterize India's space ambitions?

Matthew Weiss. – India's space ambitions have been very clear since the 1960s. They were defined by Vikram Sarabhai, the father of India's space program. This physicist managed to convince the government at the time that establishing a space agency was a priority. While all other countries embarked on the space adventure to demonstrate their power, he appealed to Indira Gandhi to use space primarily for the country's economic development and education. He installed television sets in the country's most remote village centers that received educational programs via satellite. The Indians have successfully democratized space tools.

In India, everyone uses satellites every day. Today, even the most humble fishermen know where the schools of fish are thanks to satellite data. Farmers receive daily information about the condition of their crops through telephone exchanges, where operators overlay images from multiple satellites for each field and analyze them in real time.


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