the codeine dealer

This repeated gold dealer is believed to be responsible for an operation worth millions of euros that was used to launder money

The man is accused of belonging to a real mafia. This repeated gold dealer is called Gregory Fourie, he was released on bail at the time of the events. Fourie was arrested in November 2019 by the Falcons, South Africa’s priority criminal investigation department, on similar facts. These new charges include 1,409 charges ranging from theft to gold trading. Fourie four of Fourie’s accomplices and three companies are currently being prosecuted.

Gold fever

National Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Phindi Mjonondwane announced charges against the following suspects; Fourie, Daniel Kalmon Dabush, Michelle Fourie, Clifford Craig Fourie and Andrew Mbongeni Sithole. Hybrid Diamonds and Gold Pty (Ltd), Cham Bridging Pty (Ltd) and Michelle’s Second Chances are also being sued. The latter is accused of having laundered more than 56 million euros. The value of the gold trade would amount to almost 16 million euros.

According to Mjonondwane, these illegal transactions took place in a warehouse in East Rand between March 2018 and November 2019. The illegal gold was personally delivered to the warehouse by Fourie. In the subsequent money laundering process, companies played a central role. Since then, the defendants have been released after paying bail between € 3,000 and € 8,500. However, Mbongeni will remain in jail until his bail application is processed next Wednesday.

Recidivist gold smuggler and armed robbery

The falcons were the first to announce the success of this two-man operation in Mpumalanga and Gauteng. Colonel Katlego Mogale had said the operation was the result of an investigation and evidence gathered following the armed attack on a gold mine in Stilfontein in 2019. A large amount of gold was stolen. The Organized Crime Services had gone out of their way to track down the suspects. The gold trail had brought them to a refinery that was supposed to legitimize the proceeds of the theft.

The officers stopped their hunt after searching eight homes and four vehicles. Cash was discovered during these searches. These operations also made it possible to gather evidence against the suspects showing their involvement in this gold trade; Cell phones, diamond loupes, diamond testers, gold transaction tickets, etc. It appears that the alleged repeated gold smuggler is in a bad position this time around. Fees-beforehand-2aed1a7b-9575-4c79-8d6c-3b846a233611