Floods in South India: Bangalore under water

The Indian tech city of Bangalore fell victim to a spectacular flood on Tuesday after several episodes of torrential rains had fallen in the south of the country since October.

The lakes in the capital Karnataka have been flooded after three days of heavy rain, streets and houses have been flooded.

Rescuers were deployed aboard rubber dinghies to rescue vulnerable residents as buses and scooters rode across the city through the water of the lane.

“We cannot enter our house, the water is in front of our house,” Rathnamma, a resident of Bangalore, told AFP. “All of our food is in there and we’ve been stuck outside the house since last night,” she added.

According to experts, unpredictable and extreme weather conditions across South Asia are due to climate change exacerbated by dam construction, deforestation and over-development.

In the past few days, at least 30 people have died in lightning floods in southern India, reports the local press.

Last month, 42 more people died in heavy rains in the coastal state of Kerala, causing authorities to suspend the annual pilgrimage to Sabarimala, one of Hinduism’s most sacred shrines.

Torrential rains also hit the city of Chennai in old Madras in early November, flooding most of the major arteries and uprooting trees.