This richest man donates IDR 100 trillion on his birthday, JAKARTA – Gautam AdanMe and his family donated 600 billion rupees (7.7 billion US dollars) or around 103 trillion rupees.

donation It was intended for various social activities to mark his 60th birthday on June 24, 2022, as well as to commemorate the centenary of the birth of his father, Shantilal Adani.

Funds managed by the Adani Foundation are used for charitable causes in the areas of health, education and skills development, with a particular focus on rural India.

“Our experience in planning and executing large projects and learning from the work of the Adani Foundation will help us accelerate this program in a unique way,” said Adani.

richest people India has been criticized in the past for not giving more to philanthropic causes. India Philanthropy Report 2021 by global consultancy Bain and Co. said the country’s ultra-wealthy individuals, with net worth in excess of Rs 500 billion, contributed 0.5% of their wealth.

Adani’s philanthropic involvement makes him one of a select few Indian billionaires to have pledged a portion of their wealth for philanthropic causes. Azim Premji, Founder and Chairman of Wipro, donated approximately $1.3 billion of his family fortune to charitable causes in 2021.

“The dedication of Gautam Adani and his family to philanthropy should be an example that we can all try to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s principle of stewardship of wealth at the peak of our business success and not have to wait for our sunset years,” he said Premji at the Adani Group event. .

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