Zeeshan Jameer successfully implements the plan against India

  • Jameer finished the game with five wickets for 60 runs in 10 overs.
  • Pakistani captain Qasim Akram received praise for his outstanding performance.
  • Pakistan defeated arch rivals India with two wickets in the U19 Asia Cup.

Pakistani right-armed fast thrower Zeeshan Jameer said on Saturday he plans to win five wickets against India during the ACC U19 Asian Cup – and the thrower was successful.

“I thank Allah for helping me. I had planned to take five wickets against India, Alhamdulillah, I succeeded, ”said the quick thrower after the match in which Pakistan defeated India with two wickets.

First hit, India was beaten by Jameer for 41 for 3 in the eighth.

Right-armed fast bowlers Angrish Raghuvanshi (four for four), Sheikh Rashid (six for six) and captain Yash Thull (duck for first ball) count. He took two more wickets in his final bowling spell.

Captain’s account

Excited captain Qasim Akram said the bowlers were superb throughout the game and he also appreciated his batsmen.

“We planned that the hitter would stay with the oil and play until the end. That happened, “he said.

The captain said Shehzad played an exemplary half and Ahmed Khan finished the game efficiently.

Shehzad’s dream came true

Batsman Mohammad Shehzad, meanwhile, said it was a big game for the team. “It is my dream to contribute to the success of my team.”

Man of the Match Sheshat topped the score with 82 balls out of 105 with 4 crawls and 5 sixes.

Khan’s 29 undefeated, 82 sheshat, and right-armed fast throwers Zamir 5 lead Pakistan. Win two goals Against arch-rivals India at the ACC U19 Asian Cup on Saturday at the ICC Cricket Academy Oval 2 in Dubai.

Pakistan, with a goal of 238 to win, achieved their goal of losing 8 wickets, with Ahmed hitting the final ball of the game. Pakistan got off to a surprising start when Abdul Wahid Bangalzai’s opening goal was sent off with a dismissal in the second half of the ball.