Zee Bharat: Igniting news with the vibrancy of the Indian spirit

Zee Media Corporation Limited proudly presents “ZEE Bharat”, a groundbreaking blend of news and culture, officially launched on January 22, 2024, igniting news with the vibrancy of the Indian spirit. This channel is revolutionizing news consumption by seamlessly combining impactful storytelling with a vibrant celebration of India's cultural richness and diversity.

“ZEE Bharat” goes beyond the traditional realms of news delivery and features a dynamic platform that offers a fresh, distinctly Indian perspective. More than just a news source, ZEE Bharat aims to amplify the unheard voices of rural India and provide a platform to those who truly represent the diverse fabric of the nation. With an energetic cast of anchors and a rejuvenated look, the channel embodies a dynamic approach to news delivery, investigative reporting and impactful stories that goes beyond disseminating information.

Interestingly, 'ZEE Bharat' unveils a distinctive visual identity characterized by vibrant colors, elegant graphics and modern set design. This carefully crafted atmosphere serves as a reflection of India's cultural heritage and blends seamlessly with the country's forward-thinking spirit. The channel's celebration of cultural richness is vividly represented through a diverse color palette that reflects the country's energy. It doesn't just deliver news; It embodies the vibrant vibrancy and essence of India and sets unprecedented standards in news presentation.

Expressing his excitement about the launch, Mr. Abhay Ojha, CEO, Zee Media Corporation Limited states: “In the dynamic space of media, Zee Media Corporation Limited stands resolutely as a beacon of reliability and dynamism, driven by the belief in the transformative power of news. Our unwavering mission is to continually improve the standards of journalism and provide a trustworthy platform to our audience.” Source amidst the wealth of information. With ZEE Bharat, we transcend the traditional boundaries of news. It's not just a medium; it is a vibrant platform that invites audiences to embark on a refreshing, distinctly Indian news journey. Get ready for an exciting exploration where news blends seamlessly with a celebration of our nation’s rich cultural richness and diversity.”

Mona Jain, Chief Revenue Officer, Zee Media Corporation Limited further highlighted: “ZEE Bharat goes beyond traditional news channels; it is an immersive experience that reflects the cultural richness and pride of our country. Advertisers can now join in this celebration and forge connections with audiences who are looking for more than just information – they are looking for an emotional connection with their audience.”

The unique 'Zee Bharat' channel can be accessed on various platforms with the following channel numbers: Dish TV (654), D2h (721), Tata Play (520), Airtel Digital TV (319), Sun Direct (587), Siti Cable (306), Siti Gujarati (403), Siti Bihar (181), Siti JHK WB (168), Den (311), Fastway (317), GTPL (246), Hathway (209), IN Digital Maharashtra (318 ), IN Digital Delhi (315), Radiant (312), NXT Digital (807), Digiana (316), dL GTPL (163), Take One Digital (173), Rajasthan Infotech (103), Signet Digital (561), Darsh Digital (514), UCN (105), Skynet (211) and more.

ZEE Bharat invites audiences to embark on this unique journey where news becomes a celebration of the cultural pride that unites us as Indians.

Zee Media Corporation Ltd, One of India's leading media companies, it has a strong presence across news and regional genres with 16 news channels in seven different languages, reaching more than 528 million viewers across its linear and digital properties.