World Cup bronze makes Lakshya Sen more self-confident –

Badminton News: The up-and-coming young Indian player Lakshya Sen’s performance has always been one of great success. But to have a World Cup podium is a breakthrough achievement and every player’s dream.

After a career-defining week in Huelva (Spain), during which he won a historic bronze medal at the BWF World Championships and climbed into the list of the 17 best men’s singles in the world, the 20-year-old is self-confident.

“To end the season with a world bronze medal feels great,” said Lakshya on Thursday (December 23rd).

“It was really difficult in the last two tournaments. But they are the biggest, world championships and world tour finals. I am motivated to give everything. “

On the one hand, Lakshya Sen is blessed to have mentors and coaches in the legends Prakash Padukone and Morten Frost as well as the crafty Vimal Kumar. Frost’s contribution was crucial in preparing him for elite badminton.

The great Danish legend was brought on board as an advisory trainer at the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy in early 2019, where Lakshya Sen trains.

“In 2019 we went to Denmark for three months,” recalled Lakshya.

“When I started working with him, I was 110th and then moved up to the top 30. He changed my style of play a little. It helped me score and score better and when I got into the senior circuit it really helped me improve my game overall. “

“When I was in the juniors, I was a lot more offensive. I’m still an offensive player by nature, but when you play at a higher level you can’t win a point with just three or four hits. Someone like [Kento] Momota is very solid on his defense. So you have to move it, mix it with drop shots, half smashes, etc. “

Training with Olympic champion Viktor Axelsen in Dubai in September also had its advantages, as did the four competitive games that Lakshya played against the Danish and Japanese stars Momota last month alone.

“It was a tough draw, but the game gave me confidence. I got into the rhythm of playing all the time. In terms of play, I was sharper after training with Axelsen. Just before the tournament, I felt it was necessary because I wasn’t facing a lot of competition. “

Perhaps it is natural for Lakshya to have big goals now.

“I am confident that I can play on the big stage and win,” he said.

“Next year there will be the Asian Games, the All England and next year the Commonwealth Games. I will take part in other tournaments as well, but that will be my goal. I would have expected more, but I still have to be patient and work hard. “

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