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A woman, her husband and two children recently took an Air India flight from Delhi to Toronto and were disappointed with the entire journey. Shreyti Garg voiced her complaints on Instagram and pointed out numerous issues like broken entertainment systems and broken seats. She even shared a video capturing the problematic conditions on the flight, which has since gone viral. Many responded to the video and shared similar experiences they had with the airline.

The picture shows the broken entertainment system and camera flash that were used because the reading lights were not working. (Instagram/@humpty02dumpty)

“Yes! This is the service we got after paying INR 4.5 lakh to Air India,” Garg wrote while sharing the video on Instagram. In the next lines, she added, “We were with our two children (2.5 years and 7 months) on an Air India flight from Delhi to Toronto. And let me share our travel experience: The three of us sat together and unfortunately almost everything was not functional.”

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She continued: “From broken seats to the lack of an entertainment system. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the broken seat handle and had to literally protect my toddler from injury as all the cables were sticking out of the system. And even after complaining to the crew/staff several times, no action was taken. Apparently they restarted the system but everything still didn't work. We were helpless with two children and had to manage everything alone.”

“Firstly, the ticket prices are already too high and instead of making the journey smooth for the passengers, you have made it inconvenient especially for the parents traveling with the children,” Garg concluded while tagging Air India.

The video opens to show broken in-flight entertainment systems in all three seats Garg booked for her trip to Toronto. As the video progresses, she can be seen using a camera flashlight as the reading lights were not working. The video ends with a text insert that reads: “This was not to be expected on a 15 hour flight!”

Check out the video shared on Instagram here:

The video was shared on Instagram four days ago. It has since garnered over 3.3 million views. Furthermore, the video has received numerous comments from people.

Here's how people reacted to the video:

“I can only agree on that! I booked my round trip just for myself for $3000 and that was the exact same experience I had! Absolutely not worth it,” one person wrote.

Another added: “When I was traveling with AI 306 in July, the screen panel was unresponsive and the remote control didn't work. Luckily the middle seat was empty so I used that instead. It is the airline’s responsibility to at least conduct a functional test of all seats and equipment.”

“I experienced the same thing from Toronto to Delhi. “I was literally so sorry that we were paying so much money,” said a third.

A fourth commented: “This is exactly what we experienced. Air India flight. Delhi to Heathrow.”

“Omg! This is terrible. It would have been so difficult with two kids,” wrote a fifth.

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