Will the famous saying become reality?

We used to blame the gods, then the trains, the airplanes, the development of technology, everything that changed the habits of the ancestors, as soon as there was the slightest change in the seasonal norm, a rain too heavy, a spring too late, a too early summer, sun in winter, snow in autumn. We then thought that with every little deviation from some fantasized standard, the climate – we didn’t use that word a lot, we just said ” Time “ – was upset. “There are no more seasons! » was a classic of the banal conversation around the corner or at the bar. Only now, today, is the climate really in danger. And if astronomically there are still seasons, they should always have more bad weather surprises in store for us.

What are the seasons exactly?

However, the seasons as such do not depend on the warming (or not) of the climate: they are essentially due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis of rotation. As it completes its orbit around the Sun, it will present a more or less large part of one hemisphere to it compared to the other. This explains why the days can get longer and then shorter throughout the year, so the amount of light (ie heat) received varies with the length of the day.

The inclination of the earth’s axis allows it to present different parts of its surface to the sun depending on the season: in summer it is the hemisphere n

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