Why do Hindu religions in Indonesia and India differ in practice? page all

KOMPAS.com – Hinduism was an influential religion in ancient Indonesian society.

This is evidenced by the emergence of Hindu kingdoms such as Kutai, Tarumanegara, Ancient Mataram, Singasari and Majapahit.

Hinduism came to Indonesia from India. The ancient culture of Indonesia was heavily influenced by India.

However, the Hinduism currently developing in Indonesia is different from the Hinduism adopted in India.

The reason for this difference is that Hinduism is temperate and able to adapt to local culture.

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cause of the difference

Hinduism is a religion that was born in the Indian subcontinent and spread to different regions of the world.

One of the areas influenced by Hinduism was Indonesia, which later led to political power in various regions.

At that time, before the arrival of Hinduism, Indonesians still held local beliefs such as animism, dynamics and several other local teachings.

After Hinduism came and was brought from India by religious experts and traders, the religion was allowed to develop.

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However, the development of Hinduism in Indonesia at this time would certainly intersect with local culture and beliefs.

Pure Hinduism originated in India, but when it developed in Indonesia, Hindu teachings were moderate.

This is evidenced by the Hindu religion, which then adapts to local customs, culture and community beliefs.

In addition, the influence of Hinduism also undergoes acculturation, or cultural blending, without destroying prevailing local values.

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From the point of view of Hinduism, the difference in perspective and worship is not a problem.

This is due to the similarity of goals and principles in conducting worship in Hinduism.

Differences between Hinduism in Indonesia and India

Hinduism in Indonesia, which is based in Bali, has a very different culture from Hindu culture in India.

These differences include religious days, how to worship, how to dress.

Hinduism in India is drawn from the philosophy of the Vedas as well as from the indigenous traditions of Indian society.

In Indonesia, on the other hand, Hinduism is a form of a mixture of Vedic philosophy and Buddhist influence.

Although there are differences between Hinduism in Indonesia and Hinduism in India, both share a unity of sacred concepts in the Vedas.

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In addition, the places of worship between Indian Hindus and Indonesian Hindus also show differences.

In Indonesia, Hindus usually worship in temples, while in India, Hindus worship in temples.

Hindu holidays in India fall on Dipawali, Diwali or D?p?vali. Nyepi is a Hindu holiday in Indonesia.


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