When Rajesh Khanna felt he lost his “right hand man” after Mumtaz left the cinema

Mumtaz became famous after her appearance with Shammi Kapoor in Brahmchari’s hit song ‘Aajkal tere mere pyaar ke charche’ but her successful emergence as the leading heroine began with Rajesh Khanna star Do Raaste. The two starred in nearly a dozen successful films together, including Roti, Dushman and Aap Ki Kasam, among others. Mumtaz believes it was “luck” that made their on-screen pairing a hit with audiences.

Speaking recently to Pinkvilla, Mumtaz shared that when Rajesh Khanna got married and left the country, she said, “I lost my right hand!” She added, “Kaka was too proud a man to put it in my face to say.” But Mumtaz was told he “missed” her a lot as they “made such a great couple.”

She recalled the time when they appeared in many hit films and it was fortunate that none of their films flopped. “None of my films with Kaka have flopped (from Do Raaste to Prem Kahani between 1969-1975). We didn’t give a single dud. Shayad hamare sitare milte the (Maybe our stars are aligned). We were lucky for each other.”

Mumtaz said that Rajesh Khanna is a “good actor”. who played with so many beautiful heroines and filmed great songs on him. But every single film I made with him was a hit. It must be luck.”

Rajesh Khanna passed away in 2012 and she recalled visiting him when his health was deteriorating. “I went to see him when he wasn’t feeling well. Anju (Mahendro) was there. Dimple (Kapadia) was there too. The family took very good care of Kaka. Even I miss him. If I happen to see him on TV, I wonder kyun itni jaldi chale gaye? (Why did he leave so early?)”

Mumtaz hasn’t acted in a film since 1990’s Aandhiyan, which was her comeback film after 1977’s Aaina.

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