When automotive luxury becomes sustainable

New fabrics and technical coatings, lighter are proposed.

Luxury reinvented

Amy Frascella, Color and Materials Director at Jaguar-Land Rover, is instrumental in bringing these contemporary options to the brand’s models: “We started a few years ago with Velar to look at modern luxury through the lens of innovative and sustainable materials and to offer a premium textile as an alternative to leather in an elevated trim level. Today the new Range Rover combines Ultrafabrics PU and Kvadrat, high quality wool blend textiles and all the materials that our customers expect, reinterpreted in a modern and sophisticated way to offer alternatives to traditional leather. The new Range Rover offers a leather-free interior for the first time in the top trim level. » Delivering materials that are not only beautiful and pleasant to the touch, but also responsible, is the balance that must be maintained between tradition and evolution. For Kissia Siqueira, Lead Senior Designer still at Jaguar Land Rover, it is important to mention the editors who do an inexhaustible amount of research and remind us that using beautiful natural materials in the automobile is challenging because they are also efficient have to. Any material subjected to rigorous testing must meet automotive standards while retaining its magic and lightness.

Craftsmanship and marquetry have not disappeared, however.

technology support

Nicole Meier, Director of Brand at Ultrafabrics, will not contradict her. A fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies, the brand has accumulated half a century of activities to constantly innovate the world of high-performance animal-free fabrics. A brand that works with eleven different global industries, from fashion to furniture, and for which the automotive world is not new, as their collaboration dates back to 1999. “Creating something very luxurious, original with a technical grain that doesn’t try to compete with animal leather is the ultimate constraint. For the new Range Rover, this material should be as unique and distinctive as leather. Not to mention the performance, because while they look like it, the materials used in interiors are absolutely not strong enough for a car, so you have to constantly find the right balance between “pleasant” and “durable”. » She remembers the long list of tests to be completed, the most stressful moments of this project done with Land Rover. “Most importantly, would the consumer understand that with this coating we have created a material for themselves? We didn’t try to imitate leather, but to create something really new? That was undoubtedly the real challenge…” Five years of testing for the new Range Rover…

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