WhatsApp suspends 2 million accounts in India in October

WhatsApp uses artificial intelligence to prevent users from malicious behavior,

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BENGALURU – WhatsApp blocked approximately 2.07 million accounts in India in October. This ban is primarily based on tools used to prevent malicious behavior and multiple accounts of user complaints.

Reported by India times, On Thursday, December 2nd, Meta’s encrypted messaging app blocked 2,069,000 accounts using its abuse detection technology. This ban works in three stages, namely during registration, during message delivery and in response to negative feedback it receives in the form of notifications and user bans. It also includes 198 accounts based on 500 user complaints.

“Over the years we have consistently invested in artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, data scientists and experts and are in the process of protecting our users on our platform,” said a WhatsApp spokesman.

This disclosure is required by the new rules for information technology (intermediary guidelines and code of conduct for digital media) from 2021. WhatsApp is taking this action based on complaints from users in India and accounts that are being tracked through prevention and detection methods of violating Indian laws or WhatsApp Terms of Service in India. .

WhatsApp not only responds to user complaints through the complaint channel and follows them up, but also uses tools and resources to prevent malicious behavior on the Internet platform. The company particularly focused on prevention, believing it was much better to prevent malicious activity in the first place than to detect it after damage.