We know someone who will make you smile

The year 2021 is drawing to a close and Google has released its biggest search trends worldwide and by country. And guess what, the NBA is one of the biggest trends of the year on your favorite search engine. Come on, debrief!

We repeat it to you often: the NBA is the largest circus in the world and this circus inevitably attracts the curious, unleashes the masses, arouses passions and creates tons of other emotions. Why ? Quite simply because there is always something going on in the NBA, on and off the pitch. : epic duels, dazzling climbs, XXL transfers, rumors from everywhere … In short, the show never stops and every evening we are entitled to our dose. Unfortunately, if we miss something, what is the first reflex? Well, we hit a search engine to find the latest news and the latest highlights of our little favorites. Therefore when we look reviewing google search trends In 2021 we find the NBA in fourth place in all categories. Unfortunately no podium for Adam Silver and his henchmen, who could not do anything against the disproportionate love of the Indians for cricket. We leave this very bizarre sport to them and prefer to highlight these very interesting numbers, which clearly demonstrate the attractiveness of the NBA worldwide. Madness, no doubt because of Alex Caruso, but also because of the controversial playoffs last season, with some completely crazy scenarios that were played through for a few centimeters (hello Kevin).

In some countries such as Australia, the NBA is actually the first search in a category, well before the question “What to do with a crocodile that has just entered my living room?” “. The Boomers wake up every morning and throw themselves on Google to catch news from the Ben Simmons soap opera (lol) and to see the final blows of the ax from Aron Baynes. Rest assured France is also addicted to the adventures of the great circus and the NBA takes fifth place in the sports category in 2021 before the Olympic Games or the Tour de France. It has to be said that in the NBA, as in the G League, we have a bunch of French people, which is definitely a boost for the league’s visibility in the country. The year 2021 was full of twists and turns in the NBA and the numbers are therefore good for the Great League, which has to put a smile on the faces of the boss and his employees. Adam Silver will be able to expand his empire further, be careful because he is a very dangerous man at risk. We wonder what it will be like next year when Lance Stephenson makes his comeback, turning 35 farmers every night …

In 2021, the NBA will be one of the biggest search trends on Google. This is obviously good news for the league, its influence and its development abroad. Next destination? That “TrashTalk” will include the top 10 in the next annual review of the search engine.

Text source: Google