VIRAL VIDEO: BTS J-Hope fake hits dancer at Lollapalooza, Jimin’s EPIC reaction has ARMY’s hearts


VIRAL VIDEO: BTS J-Hope performed at Lollapalooza on Sunday and history was made. He was the first South Korean artist to headline the main stage of a major US music festival, and J-Hope’s performance was pure FIRE. The audience chanted his name endlessly and BTS Jimin was there to cheer him on too. While many videos from the night have gone viral across the internet, another exciting video of J-Hope falsely slapping a dancer’s hips has surfaced on social media. Jimin’s reaction to this is more interesting.

J-Hope’s video of him performing alongside dancers goes viral. As he gestures to hit a dancer, Jimin covers his face with his hands and laughs. Despite being a gentleman, J-Hope doesn’t put a finger on the dancer, but Jimin is embarrassed. Watch the video here-

BTS ARMY also has some epic reactions to viral video of J-Hope faking a dancer. On the other hand, they found Jimin’s reaction adorable.

Earlier in the day, J-Hope wrote a heartfelt note on Instagram after performing at Lollapalooza. He expressed his gratitude to the fans and thanked Jimin for the support. He wrote: “July 31, 2022 will be one of my greatest and most unforgettable moments. Lollapalooza was one of Jack in the Box’s main challenges. Filled moment after moment, and I kept whipping myself forward as hard as I could to practice for the show.

“Most importantly, preparing every detail with so much attention and care has made me learn along the way who I really am. Yesterday was the culmination of this whole process and therefore it will be a much more precious memory My life story,

and have so much more meaning!!!

I want to say thank you to all the staff who worked so hard for Lollapalooza, all my buddies in the band and dance crew, Becky G for her special presence, Jimin for coming this far to cheer me on and most of all I want to do it thanks to our ARMY who made the stage shine even brighter yesterday,” he added, “

Meanwhile, Jimin and J-Hope also performed at a LIVE together on the V App and talked to fans about the festival. J-Hope praised his friend Jimin for being his strength during the first solo performance. He said, “Since Jimin arrived, I’ve been very happy. He was such a great strength to me and I’m so grateful he came.” He added, “When Jimin came, we went out to eat and I was able to eat. Jimin helps me a lot to relax.”

Jimin in return praised J-Hope for his smashing performance, saying, “You were really cool, you nailed it.”

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