Viral on Social Media: Indian watermelon ice cream shop from Pakistan in Kalibata earns up to IDR 3 million per day

WARTAKOTALIVE.COM – Indian watermelon ice cream dish in Kalibata, South Jakarta has recently been the subject of social media discussion.

Priced at just Rp. 5,000 per plastic cup, Indian watermelon ice cream is a hot drink for cold drink connoisseurs.

Although the name is Indian watermelon ice cream, it turns out that the shop’s owner is originally from Indonesia, a descendant of Padang named Syafrill.

When this 34-year-old man was met at his place of business next to the Kalibata City Apartment on Monday (3/28/2022), he admitted that his business was inspired by the watermelon cuisine in Pakistan.

“I saw on Youtube that this watermelon ice cream is in Pakistan. I think this will be ok when applied in Indonesia. So this drink is from Pakistan.”

“Then I named it Indian watermelon ice cream. So that the Indonesians are distracted from the name India,” says the father of two.

Syafril started by starting an Indian watermelon ice cream business and says he first studied diligently for three months just to get the taste right.

He did this in the month of Ramadan this year.

For two weeks he even did his first test himself and tried out homemade recipes.

When he saw fit, he distributed his homemade syrup to his children and family.

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