Venkatesh Daggubati: F3 has more humor and more characters

F3, a sequel to the superhit F2, is slated to hit theaters on May 27th. Before the release, actor Venkatesh Daggubati interacted with the media in Hyderabad. He spoke about the film’s USP, the success of Pan-India projects, the direction of shows and upcoming projects.

Directed by Anil Ravipudi, F3 also stars Varun Tej, Tamannaah Bhatia and Mehreen Pirzada in other leading roles. Funded by Dil Raju and Sirish of Sri Venkateswara Creations, the film has music by Devi Sri Prasad and editing by Tammiraju.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

Director Anil Ravipudi said you worked on F3 as if it were your first film. What do you think of his compliments?

I treat each of my films as my first film. I never carry the baggage of my fame. We shouldn’t be weighed down by stardom, especially when we’re doing comedy entertainers. Only then does the natural performance come to the fore. I have made films like Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu, Abbayi Garu, Nuvvu Naku Nachchav and Mallishwari putting my fame aside. I enjoy (making) the film and playing my role. Anil Ravipudi may have felt the same way.

Her Drushyam 2 and Narappa were released straight to OTT. After two years, your film will be in the cinemas. how excited are you

F2 was a great success. The audience loved the film and the characters. So you expect more entertainment from F3. The film has a triple dose of entertainment that does not fall short of audience expectations.

The story of F3 is about money. What was your thought process when you accepted it?

Making quick money, dreaming big and creating opportunity are natural human traits. Everyone will have a wish list, and problems will arise in fulfilling it. We will learn lessons from this. If we don’t learn from this process, we will go through the same problems all over again.

Tell us about your experience working with Anil Ravipudi?

Anil Ravipudi is very simple at heart and wants to bring out the best in everyone. He’s a good writer. His dialogues sound very natural, and our performances also come across as natural. He is very energetic with excellent comedy timing. Also, he has clarity about what he wants.

How to distinguish F3 from F2?

F3 has more humor and more characters. The film is a bit more elaborate and has new types of funny episodes right from the start.

These days, movies with extreme heroism are doing well (at the box office). What do you think of this new trend?

We shouldn’t think about it too much. I’m just watching the game and I’m not playing the game. We must learn from what is coming and be happy with what is happening. I just wish everyone is fine. In addition, viewers are very clear about their viewing habits and we should respect that.

Tell us about your Netflix project with Rana?

The project will be different and crazy. I’m playing a role that I haven’t played in my 35-year career.

How do you feel about numbers games at the box office?

I’ve never been a numbers person. But I want the producer to make money. Many films have been released and records made. Records are meant to be broken. So we should not bind ourselves to it. But it’s nice to see that films collect so much and set new standards.

What do you think about Pan-Indian projects?

I see it as a business. If a film can go (pan India), it will go. It depends on what kind of film you’re making and where you want it to go. I haven’t thought much about it. But for me it’s teamwork and if the right team comes along, why not?

Have you signed new projects?

I have two films with Sithara Entertainments and Mythri Movie Makers. I’m about to start filming a Salman Khan film as well.

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