Vaughan compares his 'dump' to Shastri's on-air gem, Waugh has real concerns | cricket

Ravi Shastri's 'dump' remark after India lost six wickets for zero runs to score 153 took the internet by storm. The internet is awash with memes, and the phrase “If someone went around the corner to take a dump and came back, India were bowled out for 153” has become the stuff of legend overnight and is already considered the best on- Air broadcast at all time. Shastri, with his brash and colorful personality, was probably the only and most fitting person who could have dished out such a gem. In fact, the reason this statement caused a stir is because it came from none other than the master of Tracer Bullet.

Michael Vaughan and Ravi Shastri for Fox Cricket last month. (Getty)

Shastri, the former India coach who was part of the Star Sports broadcasting panel, was in Australia some time ago for the first Test between Australia and Pakistan at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and was also involved with Fox Cricket and has worked as a commentator. Therefore, when Mark Waugh and Michael Vaughan were shown Shastri's viral video, they couldn't keep calm. Former Australian batsman Waugh was concerned about Shastri's dump remark while Vaughan's reaction tipped the scales.

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The anchor gave a nice teaser to the whole incident before revealing Shastri's comments. “What do you need when these big moments happen in cricket? We have the great Ian Smith who just knows what to say… the slightest bit of wiggle room when the big moments come. So India had lost 6-0 and our man Ravi Shastri, Fox Cricket's finest, was there as a commentator. And that's how he summarized the “Six for None” before the clip played.

Waugh was the first to react. “Does a rubbish tip mean the same in India as it does in England?” “I think that’s true,” the presenter replied.

But then Vaughan came on stage and fueled the show with a “Dump” gem of his own. “To be honest, I want my dumps to last a little longer,” which caused a ROFL moment as all three couldn't contain their laughter. But while Shastri's text promises to remain immortal in the annals of commentators, Pommie Mbangwa's last-ditch attempt at damage control should not be forgotten. “Or a drink… or a snack?”

India and South Africa played out a day-and-a-half thriller in Cape Town with Rohit Sharma and Co. winning the contest by seven wickets and registering their first Test win at Newlands Stadium. As the series ended in a 1-1 draw, Shastri said that a two-Test series was a “waste of time”. He feels India and South Africa would have been better off embarking on a five-match affair instead of the ODI series.