US Ambassador to India discussed with Modi. about human rights

(Washington) Democrat Eric Garcetti, who was elected US ambassador to India by Joe Biden, promised the senators on Tuesday that he would address the issue of human rights and arms purchases from the US with the Modi administration.

The current Mayor of Los Angeles must be confirmed as ambassador to New Delhi by the Senate, who, if he supports deep ties with Indian democracy against the Chinese giant, is concerned about certain decisions made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nationalist government.

Eric Garcetti assured senators on Tuesday that he would address the human rights issue “actively and” with humility “to the government if confirmed in the post and that he planned to” engage directly with civil society “on the subject.

In late 2019, the Modi government passed a law making it easier for refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh to obtain Indian citizenship, provided they are not Muslims. This reform provoked a huge demonstration movement in the country.

During the hearing of Mr Garcetti, Bob Menendez, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, expressed his concern about “reports on the decline of democracy and discrimination against religious minorities”. ”

“New Delhi must respond to our concerns if it is to further deepen our bilateral relations,” added the Democratic senator.

Missile Russians S-400

Along with Republican Jim Risch, he was also concerned about the delivery of his S-400 long-range air defense systems through Russia from Vladimir Putin to India.

A 2017 law requires the US government to impose sanctions on countries that sign major arms treaties with Russia. So, Turkey was sanctioned after buying the same Russian S-400s.

If the decision has not yet been made regarding India, one of Russia’s historical customers for its weapons, Eric Garcetti assured that as ambassador he would “be very clear about the risks this poses to our systems” when dealing with the Russian military systems would work together.

A US diplomacy spokesman said Secretary of State Antony Blinken had not yet made a decision on the matter, but urged all countries to “avoid major new arms deals with Russia. ”

The incumbent mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, who can no longer run next year, is considered one of the new internationals of the Democratic Party.