Urea supply India: India supplies 65,000 tons of urea to Sri Lanka

Amid Sri Lanka’s devastating economic crisis, India will supply 65,000 tonnes of urea to the island nation as part of another initiative to expand support.

Sri Lankan High Commissioner for India Milinda Moragoda reportedly held a meeting with Indian Ministry of Fertilizers Secretary Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi on Thursday to discuss the issue, Daily Mirror reported.

“High Commissioner Milinda Moragoda met with Indian Ministry of Fertilizers Secretary Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi and thanked him for India’s decision to supply 65,000 tons of urea needed for the current Yala cropping season in Sri Lanka,” the Sri High Commissioner said Lanka in a message.

At the meeting, both Moragoda and Kumar Chaturvedi discussed possible ways and measures to ensure chemical fertilizers are continuously shipped from India to Sri Lanka under the existing credit line and beyond, Daily Mirror reported.

Additionally, despite an export ban on urea fertilizers from India, the Indian government has agreed to provide 65,000 tonnes of urea to the crisis-stricken island nation under the existing $1 billion Indian line of credit at the request of the Sri Lankan government.

Earlier the Sri Lankan government banned the import of chemical fertilizers last year as part of its plan to convert to organic agriculture. However, the sudden economic crisis mixed with the insufficient supply of organic fertilizers has had a major impact on agricultural production, Daily Mirror reported.

This was in particular the reason for the Sri Lankan government to lift the ban on several important crops, the Daily Mirror reported.

In addition, India has pledged to provide the heavily indebted island nation with over USD 3 billion in loans, credit swaps and lines of credit since the beginning of the year. India has also expressed its desire to work with the new Sri Lankan government.

Meanwhile, Ranil Wickremesinghe was appointed Prime Minister of Sri Lanka for a record-breaking sixth term. He has assured the people of Sri Lanka that the island state will be supplied with petrol, diesel and electricity.

Sri Lanka is currently in the midst of its worst economic crisis since independence, with food and fuel shortages, rising prices and power outages affecting large numbers of citizens.

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