Unusual. Indian smuggler arrested with kilograms of gold paste in his rectum

An Indian who tried to smuggle almost a kilo of gold paste in his rectum was arrested at an airport in the northeast of the country.

The smuggler, who was en route to New Delhi, was arrested on Monday after a security officer discovered “the presence of metal in the body cavity” at Imphal Airport, Manipur state.

Authorities gave him an X-ray that showed the presence of four capsules in the rectum, which the security forces said contained more than 900 grams of gold paste, valued at about $ 56,664.

Strong demand for gold

Gold demand has peaked in India in recent months, fueled by the wedding season and preparations for Divali and Dussehra, the great festivals of Hinduism that take place in late autumn. According to experts, the city of Manipur, which shares a border with Bangladesh, has become an important route for gold smuggling to India.

Gold smuggling to India, the world’s second largest buyer of the precious metal, has increased in recent years, according to experts, thanks in particular to its conversion into paste.

Smugglers are becoming more and more creative, authorities discover amounts of gold sewn into clothing or hidden in body cavities.

In August, authorities estimated the amount of gold smuggled into the country annually at 300 tons, resulting in a huge loss of revenue for the government.