Ukraine has a strategy to intercept Russian missiles

A Leopard tank.

A Leopard tank.Image: Twitter

A Ukrainian company wants to build fake German Leopard tanks. The goal? Capture the Kremlin’s missiles.

October 1, 2023, 11:48October 1, 2023, 1:48 p.m

Thomas Wanhoff / t-online

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The German Leopard 2 tank is deployed on various sectors of the front in Ukraine. The device, which is as modern as it is expensive, is worth almost 15 million euros, making it a main target for Russian attacks. The Kremlin would even pay bonuses to soldiers capable of destroying one.

Fake Leopard tanks

To reduce these losses, the Temerland company is developing a new strategy. This Ukrainian technology company typically builds remote-controlled robots for military and civilian applications. These can, for example, fire rockets or be used as reconnaissance devices. But his new project is a little more ambitious: It was about building fake remote-controlled Leopard 2 tanks.

The company’s CEO Eduard Trotsenko spoke about “autonomous active dolls” in an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper. Defense Express. The first model would have already been manufactured – made of metal.

According to the company boss, the basis is a Ford off-road vehicle in which a remote control is installed. Several elements are then placed around the vehicle to make it visually resemble the leopard.

The company hopes to unveil a finished version of its prototype soon which can be easily transported and assembled on the battlefield. The aim is to entice Russian reconnaissance drones and satellites to send their valuable missiles at the Ukrainian decoys.

Ukraine: Temerland company wants to produce fake Leopard tanks

A schematic view of the prototype

Kyiv already uses mock howitzers and radars. The Kremlin is also participating in this fool’s game. Satellite images show fake planes painted on the tarmac of a Russian airport to lure Ukrainian bombers.

Inflatable tanks

Another story went around the world: in the Czech Republic, a company makes money by producing fake inflatable assault tanks. Director Vojtech Fresser of the Inflatech company said his factory could produce about 35 fake tanks per month. However, the models produced are kept strictly secret. The products cost between 10,000 and 100,000 francs.

The advantages of toy guns are obvious: they cost a fraction of what it would cost to destroy them. Russia frequently uses anti-tank missiles such as the “Izdeliye 305”. It costs just under 134,000 euros each. Cheaper models like the “Komet” would cost 29,000 euros per shot. However, they remain more expensive than counterfeit weapons.

Translated and adapted by Chiara Lecca

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