Two Indian men convicted of gang robbery in Singapore: report

The couple will return to court on January 25 to seek forbearance and condemnation. (Representative)


Two men, of Indian origin, were found guilty on Friday of participating in a 2017 gang robbery in a supermarket in Singapore’s Little India neighborhood in which they stole S $ 300,000, a media report said.

Thava Kumaran Ramamoti, 37, of Indian descent, and the Malay descendant of Muhammad Rizwan bin Muhammad Yusuf, 32, were both convicted after appealing for burglary and theft of Leela’s home.

The couple will return to court on January 25 to seek forbearance and condemnation.

On December 11, 2017, Thava Redzwan and three of his accomplices attacked four Bangladeshi nationals who were conducting an illegal diversion program.

Around three in the morning, the thief broke into the shop with the key that a detective gave him.

Disguised as criminal police officers, they confront the victims in the shops along Ruel Road in South Asia’s popular shopping district, shops, motels and restaurants.

They handcuffed four victims and stole cash from Bangladeshis working in Singapore who wanted to send the money home to their families.

The five then fled in a rental car with forged license plates.

On December 29th, Thava entered Malaysia with a 30-day social visit passport. He was arrested in April 2018 after extending his visa in Johor Bahru, a Malaysian city on the Singapore border.

He was arrested by the Royal Malaysian Police along with another colleague, Shankar Magalingam, who had illegally entered Malaysia by motorboat from the Changi River in Singapore. Then they were extradited to Singapore.

Three of the five thieves, Shanker, Jeremy Jabri and Nour Muhammad Azril Sjali, confessed to their crimes.

Three other accomplices also pleaded guilty to renting a vacation car and putting up fake license plates. They are Valerie Emmanuel Ramani, Adia Kumar Manoker and Muhammad Safit Hassan Muhammad Ayyub.

All of their cases have been processed, and Thava and Ridzuan’s last two cases are pending.

Two men who run an illegal money transfer business, Alamgir MD and Seker Sugan, pleaded guilty to providing unauthorized services.

For breaking into a house at night, the perpetrator faces a prison sentence of up to three years and a fine. In the case of mass robberies of five or more people, each offender can be punished with a prison sentence of five to 20 years and at least 12 lashes with the cane.