Two days before the G20 summit in India, Modi calls for financing the fight for climate | TV5MONDE

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said leaders at the G20 summit he is chairing in Delhi this weekend must help developing countries financially and technologically to combat climate change.

With record-breaking and deadly temperatures around the world, climate activists fear the G20 will fail to reach consensus, particularly for developing countries.

According to Narendra Modi, India has taken the reins from “Global South“with the aim of being a bridgehead between industrialized and developing countries.

Many countries in the south are at different stages of development and climate protection must be continued” wrote the Prime Minister in a column published by several Indian media and international dailies.

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The expectation that rich countries will act

At the global level, rich countries have not yet kept their promise to provide poor countries with $100 billion in climate finance annually by 2020. This inaction raises doubts that polluters will help the countries that are both vulnerable and least responsible for warming meet the challenges of climate change.

The G20 consists of 19 countries and the European Union, representing around 85% of global GDP and a corresponding share of carbon emissions.

Climate protection ambitions must be accompanied by climate financing and technology transfer measures“Narendra Modi added.We believe it is necessary to move from a purely restrictive stance on what should not be done to a more constructive stance focused on what can be done to combat climate change.”.

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Chinese, Indian or Russian resistance

At a meeting of G20 energy ministers in July, they failed to agree on a roadmap to gradually reduce the use of fossil fuels or even mention coal, a dirty fuel that remains a key energy source for economies such as India and China is.

These two Asian giants are among the biggest polluters on the planet today, but they believe historical polluters in the West must take greater responsibility for the current global climate crisis.

The G20 consensus on energy and climate has also faced opposition from countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia, who fear a shift away from fossil fuels would harm their economies.

Due to the impacts of climate change, ensuring food and nutrition security will be crucialNarendra Modi argued. He clarified that one of the solutions is: “Promoting climate-smart agriculture“.

Technology is a transformative factor, but it must also be accessible to everyone“, he emphasized.

The G20 summit on September 9-10 is the next major round of negotiations in a busy schedule of meetings crucial to action on global warming ahead of the UN climate conference in the United Arab Emirates.

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