Turning point for the alliance between Saudi Arabia and the Indian billionaire to take over the club?

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Last week, team football journalist Thibaud Vérizian, who has been a strong believer in Saudi Arabia's takeover of Olympique de Marseille for several years, announced that an international alliance between the Saudis and one of the world's biggest billionaires, Mukesh Ambani, could intervene sales.


Doesn't Saudi Arabia need Mukesh Ambani's support to take over OM?

In response to this information, Foot Marseille, who confirmed that Saudi Arabia would be interested in OM, admitted that he had little confidence in this alliance. “It will be interesting to see whether this story reaches the ears of Mukesh Ambani, the head of Reliance Industries, and whether the people around him react… We can still imagine a solid Saudi consortium with the ambition to OM “The operation requires the support of a foreign billionaire,” estimated the website specializing in the Marseille club.

To sum up

For Foot Marseille, a site specializing in OM, the alliance between Saudi Arabia and Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani that could be concluded as part of the takeover of the Marseille club would be windy.