Turbulence: Fifteen injured in India (video)

An airline plane Low-cost SpiceJet hit hard turbulenceat least twelve passengers and three Team members some seriously injured. The plane landed fifteen minutes later without further incident.

the Boeing 737-800 Registered VT-SLH of the Indian specialist in low-cost flights took off from its base in May 1, 2022 Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji towards the airportAndal-Kazi Nazrul Islam, with an unknown number of passengers on board. While descending towards the city of West Bengal, the aircraft encountered severe turbulence at FL160 before completing its journey without further problems. To AVHeraldthe aircraft’s speed fluctuated between 350 and 410 knots during the turbulence.

At least 12 passengers were injured in the cabin, some with severe head injuries, as were three cabin crew members. According to local regulator DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), two of the passengers were hospitalized intensive care unit, eight more will be released the next day after treatment. Most of the injuries are thought to have been caused by unsecured individual objects, with part of the ceiling collapsing, but most overhead bins appeared to remain closed.

The DGCA said Monday it had deployed a multidisciplinary team to investigate the incident. SpiceJet, who said medical assistance was provided immediately upon landing Flight SG945for his part stated that the signal from seat belt “was on when the plane encountered turbulence. The pilots made several announcements and the crew asked the passengers to remain seated and to keep their seat belts on.”

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