Trend of boycotting Israeli products among Indian Muslim traders and families

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Global pressure to boycott companies that support Israel is increasing, including in India. Even though Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi openly supports Israel, the same cannot be said for India's Muslim population.

Quoted from AlJazeera Recently, several Muslim shop owners in India said they would no longer sell Israeli and US products in support of the Palestinian people. One of them is Mohammad Nadeem. Although his income has decreased, he confidently boycotts all products associated with Israel and the United States.

Currently, his grocery store no longer sells Coca-Cola or Pepsi products. In his opinion, this is the only way to fight Israel. Fortunately, there are still many consumers who support the boycott, shoppers are also choosing to purchase and are looking for alternative products.

“We cannot fight them (Israel) directly, but we can boycott their economy. In my opinion, the impact will be felt if the boycott is implemented, and that has happened now,” he said.

This boycott action has become a new trend even in Indian Muslim circles. Muslim families in India believe that boycotting Israeli products amounts to opposing Israel's colonization of Palestinian land.

Ashar Imteyaz (9 years old) is one of them. He emphatically said he had stopped buying products associated with Israel and the United States. In fact, there are many children's foods and entertainment options that are particularly popular with children their age.

“When I heard about their (Israeli) atrocities, I stopped buying their products. Even though there are many well-known brands that kids really like, they actually support Israel's atrocities. They even provide aid and donations to the Israeli government. I don’t do that.” I don’t see wars and atrocities. “By boycotting their (Israeli) products, we are saving Gaza,” he said.

Resident Indian Muslims Another, Nikhat Rehman, said the same. In his opinion, the boycott of products from Israel and the USA has become a form of real support for Palestine.

“I think this is our small contribution. We have no other way to show our support for Palestine. So we believe that boycotting Israeli and US products is our way of supporting Palestine,” he said.