Travel sites show that Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore are the top destinations for Indians this summer

Digital travel platform Agoda has unveiled today’s most popular vacation destinations as international travel slowly regains popularity.

After a two-year hiatus, the explorers cleaned up their bags and got ready to celebrate the holiday season.

Indians cross borders to quench their wanderlust and seek new experiences.

According to Agoda booking data, the current top 5 preferences are Southeast Asian countries Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore, as well as European destinations such as France and Switzerland. Indians are looking for a place where they can enjoy beautiful landscapes, rich culture and the best of both worlds (mountains and beaches). Interestingly Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore It continues to top the list of best travel destinations and is also the most popular pre-pandemic travel destination [2019 Booking Data].

Domestic travel booking data shows that New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and many more are busy metros Chennai The most popular exam in the country. Not surprising cave A strong contender, this is a great beach destination for relaxing next to the busy big cities.

Bangkok will be the most populous city in the world by 2022. A bustling city welcomes the holiday season, offering nightlife, beaches, temples, culture and cuisine with an almost entirely laid-back travel rule. Other Asian treasures that made the top five are Jeju Island, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Seoul.

Best Global Travel Destinations 2022:

. Bangkok

. Jeju Island

. Kuala Lumpur

. Tokyo

. Seoul

. Singapore

. Balinese

. pattaya

. manila

. Penang

. Hong Kong

. Busan

. osaka

. Johor Looks

. Taichung

“As travel restrictions have been eased, we have seen an increase in international travel this year, showing that people are looking forward to more international travel in the past two years.” Tourists take advantage of their vacation and want domestic and international destinations visit in Asia.”

“Rekindling memories and visiting places travelers once enjoyed seems to be this summer’s theme. At Agoda, we strive to get more people to travel by offering premium travel options on both the website and the app. The best thing to do is when accommodation, flights and travel are back to normal,” said Omri Morgenshtern, CEO of Agoda.

Summer Travel Facts:

. After Thailand, followed by Indonesia, Singapore, France and Switzerland, Indian tourists are again excited to visit this summer holiday season.

. Bangkok is number one Asia Pacific A destination for travelers from the US and UK and ranked in the top 3 in the world in all regions

. Singaporeans visit neighboring Malaysia most often, followed by Thailand and Indonesia

. Australians are the largest international travelers to Bali, followed by Singaporean, Korean and Indian tourists

. The three most popular destinations in Asia Pacific for US travelers are Bangkok, Manila and Tokyo

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