Top tech news, from Xiaomi 192MP smartphone to Hyundai Dancing Robot

Jakarta: rounds up the most popular technology news or most-read news on Wednesday June 30th, 2021 that readers may have missed.

Below, presents a summary of the most popular technology news along with accessible links to the full news of the three most popular technology news.

1. Xiaomi is preparing a 192 MP smartphone camera with Snapdragon 895. before
Lenovo may claim to be the first to use Qualcomm’s latest chipset, the Snapdragon 895, but they’re not the only brand looking to show off the chipset’s performance. Xiaomi rumors will also appear with great innovations.

Xiaomi is said to be one of the brands that will use Snapdragon 895 as an early adopter. One of the featured features is the ability of the latest camera that is higher than 108 MP.

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Read here “Xiaomi is preparing a 192 MP smartphone camera, use Snapdragon 895 ‘”.

2. Hyundai shows Boston Dynamic Robot Dancing BTS song
If you’ve heard of Boston Dynamics before, you probably know a number of very interesting robots. Now you are dancing Spot-type artificial robot by dancing to the music of the famous South Korean boy band BTS.

It’s not an interesting song, but here it shows the very agile choreographic movements of a four-legged robot that has a multifunctional robotic arm. In the video entitled “Spot’s On It”, Boston Dynamic celebrates its partnership with the well-known South Korean automobile brand Hyundai.

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