Top tech news, from Apple Music to Elden Ring Games

Jakarta: rounds up the most popular technology news or most-read news on Tuesday October 19, 2021 that readers may have missed.

Below, presents a summary of the most popular technology news along with accessible links to the full news of the three most popular technology news.


1. Apple Music new subscription package IDR 70,000 per month

Apple announced a new Voice subscription plan for Apple Music on Unleashed for $ 4.99 (rupees 70,204) per month. Users can access all Apple Music content on various Apple devices using just their voice and Siri Assistant.

The new subscription plans will be available in 17 countries in late fall. Oliver Schusser, vice president of Apple Music and Beats, said, “Apple Music and Siri are natural partners and have worked together seamlessly.

Read “Apple Music New Subscription Plan IDR 70,000 Per Month” here.

2. Bandai Namco hosted FromSoftware’s Elden Ring test game
After showing off a bit of gameplay from FromSoftware to satisfy fans’ curiosity, they, along with Bandai Namco, announced that they would be running a trial for Elden Ring using the closed network test model.

This was communicated directly to by Bandai Namco that they will hold a trial on November 12th. Here some selected hamers have the opportunity to get experiences and explanations about the overall form of the Elden Ring game.

Read “Bandai Namco Holds Trial Of FromSoftware’s Elden Ring Game” here.

3. Beware, smartphones explode in Vietnam when children study online
School from Home (SFH) activities or learning from home leave most parents and children very dependent on the most popular gadgets, namely smartphones, for distance learning or online learning.

Of course, the duration of the activity is quite long, although not like a face-to-face school lesson, but that certainly makes the smartphone screen active and the device is prone to overheating.

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