TN Governor RN Ravi

Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi on Sunday reiterated India’s zero-tolerance policy on terrorism and criticized former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for signing a deal with Pakistan just nine months after the 11/26 attacks. in Bombay. He added that if someone commits an act of terrorism, the person must pay the cost.

According to the news agency ANI, the governor of Tamil Nadu said at a session on “Contemporary Internal Security Challenges” in Kochi: “When the 26.11. took place in Mumbai, the whole country was traumatized; the country was humiliated by a handful of terrorists. Within 9 months of the attacks, our then Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of Pakistan signed a joint communiqué declaring that both countries were victims of terrorism.”

“Do we have sathrubodh? Is Pakistan friend or foe? That must be clear. If you try to be in between, you’re confused,” he added.

Calling the surgical strike an appropriate response to an act of terrorism, Ravi said: “After the Pulwama attack, we repulsed Pakistan with our air force at Balakot. The message was that if you commit an act of terrorism, you must bear the cost.”

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