Thousands of birds drop from sky as heatwave hits India

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Thousands of birds fall from the sky while parts of India are covered heat wave with temperatures above 46 degrees Celsius.

Animal rescuers in Gujarat say thousands of birds have fallen from the sky during the scorching heatwave when Indian schools started classes early to escape the midday heat.

Doctors at a veterinary hospital in the city of Ahmedabad feed dozens of birds with multivitamin tablets on Wednesday (November 5). Some birds get water sprayed in their mouths due to dehydration.

“This year is one of the worst in recent times. We have seen a 10 percent increase in the number of birds to be rescued,” said Manoj Bhaskar, the rescue officer.

India has experienced a series of record-breaking heatwaves this year. Experts in India link heatwave phenomenon to climate change impacts, quoted from telegraph.

According to the Indian Meteorological Service, March was the hottest on record. Northwest and central India have also experienced a heatwave since early April.

Some areas in India are surrounded by hot temperatures, such as New Delhi, which reached 40 degrees Celsius last Thursday and then increased through Sunday.

The government urged schools to start activities earlier in the morning to avoid the effects of this heatwave.

“The time can be from 7am. The number of school hours per day can be reduced. Sports and other outdoor activities that expose students to direct sunlight can be adjusted accordingly in the mornings,” India’s Ministry of Education said.

Not only birds, but also veterinarians give IV fluids to cats dehydrated due to the heatwave at the Jivdaya Charitable Trust rehabilitation center in Ahmedabad, India.

Health officials in Gujarat have issued an appeal for hospitals to set up special wards for heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses due to rising temperatures, cited as saying Al Jazeera.


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