This July is Mumbai’s third rainiest since 2015

Mumbai has received 1,207mm of rainfall this month as of Monday morning in a week before the end of July, according to the Santacruz Observatory of the India Meteorological Department (IMD). This is the third highest amount of rainfall the city has received in a July since 2015.

Mumbai received the most rainfall in July 2020 at 1,502.6 mm, followed by 1,464.8 mm in 2019. With the heavy rainfall in the city during the first 13 days of this month, July rain hit the average of 919.9 mm rain on July 12 year. This is also important because June recorded below-average precipitation at 292 mm instead of 526.3 mm.

Since last week, the intensity of precipitation in the city has decreased, and no heavy periods have been recorded in the last few days. The southwest monsoon is expected to enter the first lull phase of the season from July 27, bringing respite to flood-hit districts in Maharashtra and Gujarat. During this phase, precipitation activity will be mostly concentrated in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The IMD announced only light to moderate rain for the city in its district forecast for the next five days. Total precipitation as recorded by the Santacruz Observatory this season is 1,499.5 mm, which is 270.1 mm above normal.

Meanwhile, the water supply in the lakes that supply Mumbai has reached 89 percent, up from 10 percent less than a month ago. Total water supply is also higher compared to the past two years — at 64.73 percent in 2021 and 31.21 percent in 2020. Total water supply must be at 14.47 million liters by the end of September for the city to waive a may lock water until next monsoon. The current water supply is 12.89 million liters.

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