This fitness machine moves on its own, supposedly a sports genius, New Delhi – The three police officers were amazed when two pieces of sports equipment appeared to move by themselves in an open park in India. Many claim the phenomenon is a supernatural event: ghosts.

Strange footage showing the alleged 2 ghosts training makes the police scratch their heads.

In the video that circulated in 2020, quoted from The mirror, On Thursday (August 26th, 2021) three police officers were standing near the gymnastics equipment, which suddenly started moving on their own.

Surprised by what he heard, a police officer pulled out a cell phone and began filming the movement of the exercise machines without assistance.

The video was shot in Kanshiram Park in Jhansi City in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Police spokesman Rahul Srivastav shared footage of the creepy video on Twitter, which has been viewed more than 185,000 times.

The caption reads: “Spirits of fitness lovers?”

While most people found the video ridiculous, some on social media believed the incident was some interference by supernatural forces.

One internet user tweeted, “I don’t usually believe in ghosts, but this video from a park in Delhi … scares me.”

Another internet user exclaimed, “Believe it or not, ghosts started exercising and it happened around 2pm last night at Rohini Japani Park!”

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A strange incident occurred in Kashiram Park in Uttar Pradesh, India. The sports equipment in the park moves by itself. Internet users suspect ghosts.