These are the 10 countries that have the hardest time issuing visas to tourists, JAKARTA – Visas is a mandatory document that you must attach if you wish to live abroad. Whether for vacation, work or school.

This document serves as authorization to enter a country. Without a visa, a person who enters a foreign country is considered illegal and is even threatened with deportation.

A visa is a document issued by a country through an agent and generally gives permission to enter and exit the country. This document is valid for a specific period and purpose.

The visa form is a stamp that will later be stamped in your original passport visitor. In addition, the visa can also be affixed to your passport in the form of a sticker.

Later, the sticker or stamp is handwritten by the official as a sign that the visa is valid and can be used. In addition, the visa has also been equipped with a hologram designed to prevent counterfeiting by irresponsible people.

The content of the visa depends on the policy of each country. There are some that provide detailed information, but others are just a simple stamp. However, one thing that must be included in the visa is the destination of the country you intend to visit.

All countries have their own visa policies, including Indonesia.

In fact, there are some countries that are the most difficult to issue visas for visitors, here is the list:

1. Russia

Russia does not issue visas easily. You have to go through a complicated procedure to get a Russian visa. What makes it difficult to get a visa for this country is the number of questions one has to fill in the form. Also, in order to get an approved visa, one must fill out all the places one has visited in the last 10 years.

2. China

The process of getting a Chinese visa is quite a long process. While many passport holders can travel to China for 72 hours without a visa, a longer stay requires the right visa, which can be a lengthy process. Make sure you are all prepared when you come to the visa process and also have a long list of required documents ready.

3. Iran

Getting a visa to visit Iran is a chore, especially since you need to have a verification code before applying for a visa. Note that an authorized Iranian travel agency must apply for a code on your behalf, while an authorization code is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran. With the introduction of eVisa, the process didn’t get any easier. Some countries can now apply for a visa on arrival, but if you are traveling from India VoA is not available to you, especially if you have visited Israel in the past six months.

4. Turkmenistan

It is one of the least visited countries in the world due to its strict visa policy. However, all those wishing to visit this destination are required to fill out three copies of the visa application completed by the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan. Also, they need to receive an invitation letter from a sponsor in Turkmenistan, which can take about 20 days.

5. Saudi Arabia

With the introduction of eVisa for tourists, one can still visit the country as long as it meets the same requirements. Note that as a tourist you still need to be careful with certain rules. One of the reasons the country has a strict visa policy is the annual Muslim pilgrims who visit the country to complete the Hajj.


In order to gain access to Pakistan, tourists must first find a sponsor. It could be people who know travelers in the country, or they could be tour operators. The sponsor must provide an official letter of invitation and all required information regarding their relationship with the traveler and the purpose of the trip.

7. Cuba

It is very difficult for Americans to gain access to this country. And if they don’t get an entry permit, they also get a pink tourist card, which is different from the green tourist card issued for other countries.

8. Afghanistan

It is not even easy to enter Afghanistan, and even more so due to the recent political upheavals. Most governments have strongly discouraged their citizens from visiting the country. To gain access to the country, applying for a visa is a must; However, a person is exempt from applying for a visa if they hold a diplomatic passport issued from countries such as India, Indonesia, Turkey, China, Iran and Tajikistan.

9. North Korea

This is one of the most difficult countries to access and obtain a visa. A visa must be applied for through a travel agency that offers government-approved tours. Those coming from South Korea or with an American passport are not eligible for that country’s visa. Even if you have a visa, you cannot explore the country at will as you are not allowed to speak to locals or speak ill of the North Korean leader. Also, you cannot travel alone and you cannot leave the hotel alone.

10. Republic of Chad

This is another beautiful country on this list. The whole process of getting a visa is lengthy as the country does not have standard processing times. It is interesting that the application form is also only available in French, which means that applicants must have good language skills.

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