There is a magical temple in India, where the shadows of creatures disappear

The phenomenon of disappearance of shadows in Brihadeeswarar temple is very interesting to study. (Photo: Ancient Origins)

JAKARTA – Temples in India are places of worship and invaluable evidence of ancient architectural works. There is a mysterious temple in India that holds history and wonders that leave no shadow here.

Brihadeeswarar Temple was built during the reign of Chola Dynasty in 1010 AD by King Chola I and is known to be a very large temple, it is also an architectural wonder. The temple tower is about 66 meters high.

According to Ancinet Origins on Monday (11/13/2023), the temple's basic foundation is made of an 80-ton piece of granite designed in this way. The strength of the temple's architectural style can be seen in its layout, which is perfectly aligned with the cardinal points. Every component of the temple, from the entrance to the sacred place of prayer, was carefully placed.

The phenomenon of disappearing shadows in this temple attracts attention. It is not just the intelligence of the architect, but there is a deep symbiotic meaning.

In Hindu philosophy, the Chola architects attempted to convey the idea of ​​transcending the mortal world and turning toward the eternal divine light by constructing a temple that lost its shadow during the day.

Although the true reasons for this unique design remain speculative, the temple continues to attract the attention of historians, architects and spiritualists seeking to understand its mysteries.

Some researchers also believe the design could be an astronomical tool for marking the equinoxes, provided astronomical expertise is present ancient India . Regardless of the underlying reason, temple Brihadeeswarar is considered an eternal symbol of ancient architectural and scientific achievements.

MG/Athaya Ramadan