The trademark application indicates that it is a TikTok app

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(Pocket-lint) – TikTok’s parent company ByteDance filed a trademark application for a service called TikTok Music in May this year.

The deposit discovered by insiderapplies the name to a range of services, including a mobile app that lets users “buy, play, share, download” music, songs, albums and lyrics.

TikTok is increasingly becoming a way of discovering new music, especially among the younger generation, so launching a dedicated music app within the ecosystem makes a lot of sense.

In fact, ByteDance has already launched a music service in India, Brazil and Indonesia called Resso.

It’s unclear if TikTok Music would be a rebrand of Resso, but since ByteDance promoted Resso from the TikTok app in Brazil, we wouldn’t be surprised if the two apps shared some of the same DNA.

However, the trademark filing suggests that the TikTok music app could have a broader reach, allowing users to “live stream interactive audio and video media programs in the fields of entertainment, fashion, sports and current affairs.”

“Typically, a company the size of TikTok or ByteDance only files trademark applications for things that they are seriously considering,” trademark attorney Josh Gerben told Insider.

Either way, chances are we’ll have news pretty soon. Given the size of TikTok’s user base and the efficiency of its algorithms, there’s a possibility that TikTok could pose a serious challenge for services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Written by Luke Baker.

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