The Story of Consciousness by Polewali Mandar Youth exports 25 tons of broomsticks to India

Polevali Mandar – A young man named Sadariah in Polewali Mandar (Polman) Regency, West Sulawesi (Sulbar) has attracted attention after successfully exporting 25 tons of broomsticks to India. Sadariah previously marketed the broomstick product through a corporate website he built with some of his colleagues.

“We have buyers (buyers of broomsticks), we didn’t advertise initially, buyers who came after seeing the website were recognized as quite professional,” director of CV Coco Mandar Indonesia as a broomstick exporter told Sadariah Reporters, Friday (April 22, 2022) .

The story of Sadariah and his group dove into the business world because they previously had minimal income during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. He then opened various businesses, but the profits were considered unsatisfactory.

“We had time to open an Olshop store, because we weren’t satisfied, we also opened a beverage store, because we weren’t satisfied, we relearned,” Sadariah said.

According to Sadariah, the export of broomsticks to India is the first time. To fulfill the buyer’s request, Sadariah admitted to bringing broomsticks from different regions.

“The target buyer for a shipment is 25 tons in a container. That’s not enough to collect in a month,” he said.

Sadariah admitted that his business was doubted by many residents, making it difficult for him to collect brooms according to the buyer’s request. However, with the help of some of his colleagues, he actively visits villages and convinces the residents that coconut leaves, which were originally just waste, have an added value to boost the economy.

“When it was first delivered yesterday, many people knew coconut sticks were valuable, many people believed it. Because when we started educating the public, we educated them, nobody believed it,” he said.

Sadariah’s story also caught the attention of the local government. Therefore, the first export of this broomstick agricultural product was carried out on Friday afternoon (April 22) in the courtyard of the Polewali Mandar Joint Office Building.

The release was marked by the ribbon-cutting and pitcher-breaking by West Sulawesi Governor Ali Baal Masdar and Polman Regent Andi Ibrahim Masdar. Then there’s the head of the Animal Quarantine and Biosecurity Center, Wisnu Masisa, and Sadariah himself.

On the same occasion, Polman Regent Andi Ibrahim Masdar recognized Sadariah’s success in exporting broomsticks to India. He hopes that the number of exported brooms can be increased

“I hope that this second delivery can be further increased in the future. If she only ships 25 tons now, hopefully she can increase it again,” said Ibrahim.

Ibrahim said a number of areas in West Sulawesi are coconut production centers. He estimated that this potential could be maximized to support further export of these broomsticks.

“Adek Sadariah just moved (in the area of) Luyo when he moved to West Tapango, Katumbangan Lemo, entered Limboro, these are all coconut centers. Container if that can be maximized. Because it’s a shame when the coconut just goes to fall apart,” he added.

Photo: The story of a Polman youth, Sadariah managed to export 25 tons of broomsticks to India (detikcom/Abdy Febriady)

He also requested that the broomsticks could be made into homemade manufactured goods in the future to improve the local economy.

“If there is value, how can Ananda Sadariah be able to break it down into household products. So it’s not just food that can be made into household products, this stick broom can be the work of moms, moms while they’re swinging their kids, can handle sticks while they’re breastfeeding,” Abraham said.

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