The Scientific Committee has not made any recommendations to open the borders

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection denied on Wednesday the information circulating during the day on the recommendations of the Scientific and Technical Committee of Covid-19 to partially reopen the Moroccan borders, confirming that “this news is false and unfounded”. .

In its press release, the ministry also recalls that the possibility of an epidemiological relapse is still possible given the global epidemiological situation and the emergence of the Omicron variant.

However, in a statement to Yabiladi, Professor Saïd Al-Mutawakil, a member of the Scientific Committee to Monitor Covid-19, stated that “the recommendations of the Committee, based on epidemiological data, are general in Morocco and outside Morocco. Morocco, as well as more generally in terms of procedures, “adding that the recommendations presented today“ go in the hoped-for direction and are very open ”.

As a reminder: The Moroccan air borders have been the Omicron variant since Monday 29.

American scientist Anthony Fauci told AFP Tuesday that the first evidence suggests that the Omicron variant is no worse than previous strains, and perhaps even lighter, despite their mutations that make them “highly transmissible”.