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A Mayotte woman who wins the Nyora song contest, how will the Comoros-Cameroon match go at CAN? the torrential rains in Madagascar and the Mozambique Channel and the virus-hit Maldives President are in the regional news

COMOROS – culture

The final of a song contest took place in the Comoros. And it’s a Maharaise who won it. The opportunity for President Azali to send a political message

Her stage name is Kueena, she is from Labattoir. The young singer won the competition “Nyora” (the star, the star), a kind of remake of “The Voice”, in which the contestants are asked to perform international hits but also traditional songs. Mahoran Kuena

won, and when President Azali Assoumani attended the awards ceremony, he took the opportunity to send a message: “We put aside all the reasons why we have to fight to celebrate what unites us: the culture, the religion, Sport Sport is an allusion to footballers, two players from Mayotte are also involved in the Coelacanthes team.


This is the tile for the Comoros national football team. After the joy of qualifying for the 8th Africa Cup of Nations final, the majority of the players have now tested positive for Covid

Tonight the game of the “Coelacanthes” against the “Indomitable Lions” from Cameroon has to take place on the Cameroon field in Yaoundé. After wowing their country and the entire diaspora since their historic entry into the final stages of the CAN, the Comoros are at risk of severe disability: 12 members of the team tested positive on Saturday, including the two goalkeepers who stayed with them after the injury the first.


It rains heavily over most of Madagascar and a good part of the Mozambique Channel. On the big island, the authorities are overwhelmed with the number of victims

In Antananarivo, gymnasiums were confiscated to house thousands of families whose homes were flooded. There is no place for everyone. Almost ten thousand people have crammed themselves into shelters that have become too small. The logistics used by the government are put to the test; There are casualties everywhere, from Fianarantsoa in the southern center, where at least three people have died, to Majunga in the north. Only the extreme south-west of the big island, where famine is widespread, remains desperately dry. A depression dug to the northwest began to cross the Mozambique Channel, causing high winds and torrential rains on Mayotte and the Comoros.


Like everywhere else in the world, the Omicron variant is conquering the Maldives. The President of the Republic is no exception, testing positive and having to cancel a tour of the atolls

Maldivian President Mohamed Solih announced his status on Tweeter. Like all his fellow citizens, he was tested before the trip. He wanted to start a tour in the atolls. The tour was canceled before going into solitary confinement as per protocol. The properly vaccinated president had previously slipped through the cracks when his wife and mother contracted the Covid in April and May. The epidemic has claimed relatively few victims in the Maldives for two years: 270 dead out of 550,000 inhabitants. The archipelago was among the first countries to massively vaccinate the population.

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