The Oscar-winning sound engineer claims the jury made a mistake in awarding the national award to the Kannada film ‘Dollu’

Image Credit: TWITTER/RESUL POOKUTTY, NITHIN LUKOSE, Score Pookutty, Nithin Lukose,

Oscar- and BAFTA-winning sound mixer and designer Resul Pookutty and sound designer for the award-winning film “Dollu”, Nithin Lukose, claimed the national judges erred when they presented the “National Award” in the category “Best Location Sound Recordist”. (only for dubbed sound films). for ‘Dollu’ film.

They claimed that the audio for the movie “Dollu” was recorded and not a dubbed soundtrack (recorded live during filming). The comments have sparked controversy as the renowned technicians questioned the judges’ ability because they could not distinguish between dubbed audio and dubbed audio.

Meanwhile, the film crew claimed that the category entry form did not indicate whether the soundtrack was dubbed or dubbed, and that the work was not classified. Three engineers were nominated as sound engineer, sound designer and re-recorder as required by the nominations.

The film crew also clarified that they have never claimed that their film was a dubbed soundtrack and they have also reached out to the awards panel for clarification. The team claimed they would have to spend Rs 15 lakh more to record the sound of drums.

Resul Pookutty explained that the film (Dollu) that won the sync-sound recording at the National Awards was not even a sync-sound but a dubbed film. He further stated that this will be confirmed by the film’s sound designer Nithin Lukose.

Nithin Lukose stated, “I don’t know what happened behind the scenes of the National Award selection and its procedures, but I regret the verdict of the jury, who could not distinguish between a dub and a sync talkie and claimed to be experts be .”

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