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Cellist Estelle Revaz spent a very special year in 2021: she could never have imagined living everything that she experienced both in the political struggle and in her artistic life, she explained on Monday at the microphone of La Matinale. : “It was very intense. I didn’t think that I could go that far within my limits. It’s something that will be with me for the rest of my life. “

She spent the first part of her year rehearsing and recording for her fifth album, then there was “a pseudo cover, very shy at first, then quite anarchic,” as she puts it. “I experienced a series of concerts in a completely insane way, sometimes with three concerts a week, three different programs”, of course with all the preparation that this requires.

From 120 to 10 contracts

Then the future darkened: “It was several years ago that I played between fifty to sixty concerts a year. That means that in the two years of crisis I should have signed between a hundred and one hundred and twenty contracts. I’ve signed less than ten “.

Estelle Revaz also waged a fight in parliament to sensitize elected members to the situation of artists: “I made this very nice discovery, knowing that there were two chambers in parliament!” She admits with a laugh.

“I approached this world as I approach music. That means with listening”. And she emphasizes that you have to do it with empathy and care “to find a solution. And I think I succeeded: I’ve always acted as an actor. And I have to say that, regardless of parties and political sensitivities, everyone was really very sensitive to this situation “.

Priority culture

But she highlights the big problem: “Since the beginning of this crisis, culture has not been a priority. There is only one step in not considering them essential. There are also many. Legal and administrative constraints that make decisions “for a long time”. At the end of March, the amendment to the Covid Act was a victory and “a great relief”.

However, Estelle Revaz regrets that aid only enables survival: “We want to be able to work,” she says resolutely.

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