the new recommendations of the Scientific Council


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M. Subra-Gomez, C. Sinz, T. Souman, C. Rougerie, PJ Perrin, P. Lagaune, N. Lachaud, M. Guidée-Banerjée – France 2

France television

A defense council is scheduled for Wednesday, November 24th, after which the government could announce new measures. What would they be if they followed the recommendations of the Scientific Council?

Given the resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic and to avoid a 5th wave, the Scientific Council published new recommendations on Monday 22 November. He recommends first increasing the use of the mask, especially in the closed places where the hygiene card is required. “If we have to, we will and will apply, because everything except the closure and the curfew”, explains Damien Duquesne, manager of a restaurant in Paris. Outside, the mask requirement already applies in several departments by prefectural decree.

The Council also recommends expanding teleworking, a track currently banned by the government. Finally, it is recommended that gatherings be limited. Matignon advocates reintroducing the gauges. However, some cultural actors do not understand that their sector is still under attack. Finally, the Science Council suggests stepping up school screening for the first positive case in a class.