The Mughal dynasty respects and protects freedom of religion in India

In its heyday, the Mughal Empire was very diverse and rich.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Sir Thomas Walker Arnold in The Preaching of Islam. A History of Propagation of the Muslim Faith comments on Islam’s great respect for the principle of tolerance. In fact, he argues, non-Muslims enjoy great tolerance under the rule of Muslim rulers.

In fact, at the same time, Europe does not yet recognize any tolerance at all. The West has only recently revived inter- and internal religious tolerance in modern times.

Furthermore, Sir Thomas revealed that many Christian sects were allowed to live, develop and even be protected by government regulations when the Muslim dynasties ruled for centuries. Very rare cases of persecution by Muslims against non-Muslim communities.

One of the Islamic dynasties that maintain tolerance towards religious life is the Mughal dynasty of India. Michael H. Fisher in A Short History of the Mughal Empire, the Mughal Sultanate lasted three centuries with a population of 150 million people.

They are not only Muslims but also people of other religions. In its heyday, the Mughal Empire was so diverse and wealthy that it controlled almost a quarter of the total value of world production (gross domestic product/GDP).

Source: Islam Digest

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