The Jewish and Indian Phenomenon in Global Business: Amazing!

Silicon Valley is a business district that brings together Jewish entrepreneurs and Indian CEOs. Photo/Reuters

JAKARTA – There are two amazing phenomena in the world of global business. First, people Jewish who owns many economic giants and controls the ranks of the richest people in the world, and one other person India which dominates the top positions of multinational companies.

In early February, Forbes revealed that there were 267 Jews on the list of the world's richest people. They come from different countries and industries.

The “poorest” Jewish billionaire has a fortune of $1 billion or around IDR 15 trillion (exchange rate IDR 15,000). The richest now have assets of $102.9 billion or IDR 1,543.5 trillion.

In total, the Jewish businessman's fortune amounted to $1,802.85 billion. Converted to rupiah, it is around IDR 27,000 trillion. Again, this number refers to Forbes data released in February and not the real-time list of billionaires.

Most of the rich Jews are predominantly citizens of the United States. Of the ten that made it onto the top list, seven live in the USA. Three other people in England and France.

The Jewish super-rich own several global companies. For example, Larry Ellison, who is the owner of Oracle and has a fortune of $102.9 billion or IDR 1,543.5 trillion. Then there is Larry Page, who founded Google with a fortune of $85.2 billion or IDR 1,278 trillion.

Other names no less noticeable and owners of global companies are Michael Bloomberg, Michael Dell (Dell Technologies) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook/Meta).

The question always arises as to why many Jewish people or people are successful, especially in the economic sector? Zerry Z. Muller, professor of history at the Catholic University of America, explains it in detail in his article published in Project Syndicate entitled “Why Did Jews Succeed?”