The Inspiration Behind Sadariah’s Success Exports 25 tons of broomsticks to India

Polevali Mandar – The success of Sadariah (22), a student from Polewali Mandar Regency (Polman), West Sulawesi (Sulbar), in exporting 25 tons of broomsticks to India was won with great struggle. The success achieved made him aware of his responsibility and kept the trust placed in him.

“The money can be returned, but we must maintain trust and responsibility,” Sadariah said when asked for comment on Saturday (04/30/2022).

He emphasized that the company he built, called CV Coco Mandar, should not be underestimated. Deliberately motivated so that the company he manages can continue to grow.

“We don’t want Coco Mandar to be underestimated if he can’t make his wish come true (Buyer),” he said.

He is aware that what he is currently achieving is the result of hard work during the COVID pandemic. However, success as an exporter of broomsticks not only made him believe for himself but also inspired others.

“Obviously, I hope this (broomstick export) can go smoothly and be supported by all parties,” Sadariah said.

His enthusiasm only grows in the midst of greater challenges. The aim now is to develop the economy of the community, especially in their own hometown.

“Not only is it beneficial for me and my friends, but also how this broom export activity can create change to improve people’s economy,” he concluded.

Sadariah is known to be the eldest of three children born to Warda and Sallah. Since childhood, Sadariah has lived with his family in Sambali Wali Village, Luyo District, due to both parents migrating to Malaysia.

Export of broom blessings from the pandemic

Success as a broomstick exporter apparently gave way to his anxiety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. At this time he began to wrestle with a number of deals, which, however, did not yet bear fruit.

He later became interested in entering the broomstick business by founding the company CV Coco Mandar after analyzing the natural potential of coconut in his hometown. The products are also offered through the website which took months to finally stare at a buyer from India.

“Buyer (the buyer) contacted me via WA (WhatsApp), he asked for a broom to be prepared,” Sadariah said.

Sadariah was also challenged to fulfill the buyer’s request according to the specifications, although he had doubts at first. But the 30% money transferred first made him sure he didn’t want to waste this opportunity.

“At first we were tricked too, bitterly I had to go to several areas to look for broomsticks including making posts on Facebook, looking for information if anyone was willing to help me prepare broomsticks,” he explained.

Active education against community stigma

Quite a few doubt and put a negative stigma on the broom business Sadariah is in. He needs to massively educate on how coconut leaf waste can become an economic commodity if managed properly.

“Back then, I wanted to introduce my school with this broomstick swing. So I invited them to work together,” Sadariah said.

He was happy to buy a broom that the students had prepared. Hoping that it will help the student’s economy, but his intention has caught the spotlight.

“I just thought what I did could ease the economic burden on the students, they no longer have to ask their parents for money to meet small needs,” he explained.

Export of broomsticks answers the doubts of local residents

Residents’ doubts were finally answered by Sadariah’s success in exporting broomsticks, which were symbolically declassified last Friday (April 23) by West Sulawesi Governor Ali Baal Masdar and a number of other officials. The export managed to catapult Sadariah’s name as a well-known exporter at a young age.

“The third export target is 50 tons around May 28th. The target is Pakistan and India with 25 tons each,” he said.

He even claims to have contacted buyers from Thailand. He boasts that the broomsticks he makes are widely used not only for household needs but also for religious purposes, such as in India.

“He said that the exported sticks were not only used as brooms but also used for religious activities,” Sadariah said.

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