The influence of Arabic and Indian cultures in one bowl by Opor Page all – When Eid arrives and people visit their family or neighbors to do Halal Bihalal, the dish that is usually served is Chicken Opor.

In its presentation, Chicken Opor is often served with eggs, diamonds, or rice.

So what is the history of Chicken Opor, which is often used as a typical Eid meal?

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Culinary historian Fadly Rahman said that opor is a food influenced by the cultures of two countries.

“When the opor influence comes to Indonesia, it is actually the result of acculturation or the union of Indonesian culture with foreign cultures. Arabic and Indian influences in particular,” Fadly is quoted as saying, May 20, 2019.

Fadly said the Indonesians then modified the Indian and Arabic dishes to form a meal called opor.

According to him, opor is a modification of curry from India and curry from Arabia.

According to Fadly, the culinary culture of cooking curry and curry first entered the areas of Indonesia that knew Islam in the early period.

According to him, Islam was introduced to Indonesia by Arabs and Indians entering coastal areas such as Sumatra, the Malacca Straits and Java.

“Now that characterizes the idea of ​​why opors are found in areas with roots in Malay and Javanese cultures, because they are in coastal areas that first received Arabic and Indian influences from century to century,” explained Fadly.

He said the culinary influence was then transformed into opor, which is also the identity of Indonesian local cuisine.

Meanwhile quoted from, On May 21, 2020, Chef Wira Hardiansyah said opor was adopted from the Mughal Empire in India.

According to him, the opor dish was originally called “qorma”, which derives from the Urdu language, which is the technique of cooking meat with yoghurt and/or milk.

The dish then became opor because it was assimilated with the culture of the people of the archipelago.

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SHUTTERSTOCK/Elvita Salman white chicken opor illustration.

How to make soft opor

If you’re making chicken opor, you might be wondering how to cook chicken opor so it’s tender?

There are a number of tips for tenderizing chicken.

Quoted from, July 19, 2021, cooking among them can use pineapple.

The trick is to flatten the pineapple and then spread it over all of the chicken pieces that were placed in the bowl.

Let the chicken and pineapple mixture sit for 30 minutes, then wipe the chicken with a dry towel.

In addition to pineapple, papaya leaves can also be used as chicken wraps. The trick, wrap the chicken in papaya leaves and let it rest for 30 minutes.

The other option that can be used is to cook the chicken in a restaurant pan first.

The trick: Prepare a pressure cooker filled with water, then add the chicken pieces and cook until tender.

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