The Indian season at the Mandapa Center

Choreographer Annette Leday will present the book she wrote based on her study of contemporary Indian dance. She also produced a documentary with Cyrille Larrieu that presents Indian dancers and choreographers working on the renewal of body and dance traditions.

Trained by the famous masters of Sri Rajarajeshwari Bhartha Natya Kala Mandir in Mumbai and a yoga teacher, Namita Bodaji combines her practice in her choreography, dance and interpretation. This concert will be a combination of traditional choreographies and others created specifically for this tribute to the Mahatma.

Mohiniyattam is a style of Indian dance theater with complex gestural language and circular movements that reflects the generous, abundantly irrigated nature of Kerala, where it has its roots. As a student of Dr. Neena Prasad is Thomas one of the very rare Mohiniyattam dancers. After initially being trained in Bharatanatyam, he now devotes himself to Mohiniyattam, which he also teaches.

KMK Saroja, who died in June 2022, was an expert in the art of Abhinaya. Vidyà, her loyal student, has continued her repertoire and trained numerous dancers since 1987. On the occasion of this homage, Vidyà will present some “nuggets” from her master’s narrative repertoire while sitting, which give the emotions a dimension beyond the ordinary.

Trained by Vidyà for more than 20 years, Magali Uma regularly performs as a soloist and trio, offering traditional concerts or original creations. at the Mandapa Center, herself a student of Srimati MK Saroja. It is characterized by a very graphic style and an energy inspired by the joy of dance movement.

As a rare Westerner certified by the Government of India, a student of Master Pt. Jaikishan Maharaj in New Delhi, Isabelle Anna spent nine years in India between her traditional concerts and her choreographic creations, which are the result of her research into the sources of Kathak. She also teaches this dance at the Mandapa Center where she promotes the Kalka-Bindadin Gharana of Lucknow, the tradition of her master Pt Jaikishan Maharaj.

Dr. Pandit Ranajit Sengupta, a top sarod player and composer from Kolkata representing the Maihar Seni Gharana, has performed in over 45 countries in the last 30 years. Ranajit Sengupta sets this extraordinary duo with his son Rajarshi on the 19-string mandolin in transmission and tradition. The tabla is accompanied by Kousik Banerjee, student of Pandit Anindo Chatterjee.

Recital based on the rivers of India by goddesses, combining various symbolisms of Hindu mythology through dance with the main themes of water and nature conservation. A disciple of Saroja Vaidyanathan in the style of Tanjore, Sahana shines with his agility and grace.

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