The Indian government is investing 1.12 billion US dollars in the development of its quantum and computer technology

For the Indian government, the development of quantum technology has become a priority to tackle the multiple economic challenges the country is facing.

Nirmala Sitharaman, the Minister of Finance, therefore recently Notice that India will invest $1.12 billion with new technologies. This investment will be allocated to the National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications over a period of 5 years.

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Sitharaman emphasizes the importance of quantum technology for India. According to them, thanks to the applications of quantum technology, the country will be able to access it New opportunities Offers from the areas of cyber security, IT and communication.

Several selected axes for the development of the digital economy

In order for India to really position itself in the field of these new technologies, a policy will be put in place that will allow the private sector to build data center parks. Another focus is on the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the promotion of companies operating in the field of knowledge for “conducive development of creativity and intellectual property”.

In addition, internet coverage will be expanded throughout the area. For example, every Gram Panchayat, India’s smallest administrative unit, is digitally connected.

The government has therefore decided to invest heavily in new technologies. This investment of 1.12 billion dollars can only be very fruitful and the results should not be long in coming.

The new economy is that of technology

Also according to Sitharaman, the new economy that will create new technologies will be based on quantum technology, AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), 3D printing, DNA data storage and drones. Current business models are therefore severely impaired.

New economic paradigms are already taking shape. In particular, we can enumerate the sharing economy with the appearance of aggregation platforms.

And it is the critical impact that mastery of these technologies will have on the global economic order that has prompted India to respond, corresponding his finance minister.

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